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Crane Bodies

Standard Features:

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on Structural Integrity to Original Owner

  • 5 Year Rust Through Warranty

  • Heavy Duty Subframe (Tubing & Structural Channel Steel)

  • 10 Gauge Galvanneal Treadplate Cargo Floor

  • 14 Gauge Galvanneal Sidepacks

  • 12 Gauge Galvanneal Treadplate Overlays on Compartment Tops & Backs

  • 20 Gauge Galvanneal Double Panel Doors

  • Integrated Crane Reinforcement

  • Recessed Bulkhead Behind Reservoir

  • Automotive Type Replaceable Door Seals

  • Stainless Steel 3-Point T-Handle Door Locks

  • Pneumatic Door Holder

  • Adjustable Divided Shelves

  • 8" Heavy Duty Drop Down Tailgate

  • External box for Tail Lights

  • Sealed Automotive-Style Wiring Harness

  • Rubber Fenderettes Around Wheel Wells

  • Drip Rail Above Compartment Doors

  • No Holes on the top of the body. All accessories are mounted on custom sealed brackets

  • Rear Mud Flaps

  • Back-Up Alarm

  • Body Fully Undercoated

  • Urethane External Paint

  • Zolatone Coating Inside Compartments

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